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Chop chop_ Hahaha just kidding. #elitesuperioragates #lakesuperioragates #lakesuperioragate #agatead

"Lake Superior Agates and More!" 

Thanks for stopping by! This site is where I showcase, sell and show my collection of rare Lake Superior Agates.  I really enjoy having the chance to share my hobby with others.  Please follow me on social media sites and feel free reach out with your favorite wish list stones!  Let's keep in touch. -Curtis Michael

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Doing  work tonight on my new 3lb+ Lake Superior Eye Agate!  I think I'm  falling in love

All About Elite Superior Agates LLC

Avid collector, outdoorsman, and Dad. All the glory goes to God.

As an enthusiastic Rockhound and fellow collector, there’s no better feeling than the thrill of finding, getting my hands on a stone I’ve been trying to add to my collection. It’s why I’ve spent so much time and energy on building it up. What began as just a fun hobby has turned into a real passion; and business! One I know I’m going to keep on enjoying and sharing for the rest of my life. Join me!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Outstanding Quality

At Elite Superior Agates we strive for customer satisfaction and maintaining loyal customers for years to come.  If you are for any reason unsatisfied with your purchase please reach out to us so that we can attempt to resolve the issue.  Thank you for your visit!

My new 4.5lber!!! What do you think!_ #EliteSuperiorAgates #pounders #lakesuperioragates #
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